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Super Mario 1.9.7

Super Mario is a true legend of the "nineties" in which tens of millions of owners of game consoles and computers were enthusiastically hacked. Now this wonderful application is available for owners of Android devices. The mobile version of Super Mario has completely preserved all the advantages of the original part and looks no less interesting and attractive!


The hero of the storyline is a plumber named Mario. He resides in a kingdom whose princess is captured by King Kupa. The essence of the game is quite simple. We control the hero, travel through the Mushroom Kingdom, jump over obstacles, collect bonuses and coins along the way, fight with Kupa's henchmen.


The gameplay will delight users of Android devices with its dynamism and will not allow you to relax for a minute. The main guarantee of success is constant movement forward. To facilitate the passage, it provides several bonuses and artifacts. The game management interface is quite simple and will not cause difficulties for the user.


The game is installed using the ".apk" file, takes up a minimum of space in the device's memory, does not require additional emulators and programs on a smartphone or tablet computer. The toy will appeal to arcade fans, for whom the gameplay is more important than the quality of graphics, although it is at a decent level. What gives the "Mushroom" bonus? - Having picked him up, Mario increases in size several times.


What is the "Star" bonus for? - With its help, the game hero becomes invulnerable to enemies for a while. Several game worlds, dozens of levels, exciting adventures and exciting time are waiting for you in the Super Mario app. Hurry up to evaluate its capabilities! The latest version of the arcade Super Mario download for android.

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