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Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter 3.105.1

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter is a well-known and beloved game by millions of owners of Android devices in a completely new genre. Unlike other games of the famous series, you do not have to shoot Pigs with a slingshot and protect Birds' nests from their encroachment. Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter download for android offers to perform a slightly different task.


There is still a slingshot in the gameplay, only now you need to shoot colorful bubbles with it and help exotic animals out of trouble. In front of you is a field that includes several dozen balls. Shooting is also conducted with colored balls and they need to be shot in such a way that a row of three or more bubbles of the same color is formed on the field.


In this case, the "composed" row is destroyed and the space is freed up. If you managed to collect a chain of six one-color balls, then you can use a super powerful weapon! As you can see, elements of shooter and logic games are implemented in the gameplay, which of course makes the gameplay even more attractive.



  • A wide variety of game levels
  • Additional fun puzzles
  • The ability to connect to Facebook and compete with real opponents
  • Saving progress in the cloud


The game interface is distinguished by the brightness and colorfulness of the design, the presence of favorite characters, is logically understandable and accessible to all categories of users of Android tablets and smartphones. To install the application, you only need to click on the "Install" button, then the whole process will happen automatically.


The application will appeal to fans of logic games, fans of the Angry Birds series and mobile device users who just want to have fun and have an interesting time. Become the best bubble shooter and get an unforgettable experience from the gameplay! The latest version of the game Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter download for android.

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