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Asphalt Nitro 1.3.2a

Asphalt Nitro is a lightweight version of big Asphalt for Android users. Externally, everything is very well and qualitatively executed. The guys from Gameloft never cease to delight the world with cool and high-quality projects. The graphics are a little worse than the older version of the game, but still a cut above many competitors. The soundtrack is perfect, the visual effects look stylish and bright.

The player is offered all the same races on mind-blowing tracks. Powerful cars and beautiful landscapes – what could be better? The game has nitro systems and cars can be forced not only to drive at great speeds, but also to get off the ground – you can perform a lot of tricks and get bonuses for them. The controls are identical to the big Asphalt, everything is incredibly convenient and accurate.

The gameplay in Asphalt Nitro provides eight different gaming modes. I was especially pleased with the presence of a race with the police, with which the player can also play for the cops. Multiplayer is implemented using asynchronous technology, which is a bit unusual, but allows you not to wait for other gamers.

The program is supported by Gameloft, updates are periodically released. These are mostly minor improvements, since no major bugs have been identified in the toy.



  • Unrealistically light weight for a game of this level;
  • Suitable optimization;
  • New cars, tracks and landscapes;
  • Opportunities to cut the road and perform tricks in the air;
  • Police Race;
  • Familiar physics and controls;
  • Easy installation of the program.


The game turned out to be excellent. It will perfectly brighten up your leisure time and is ideal for those who wanted to play the famous Asphalt, but could not because of a weak gadget or a large volume of the game. The latest version of the racing game Asphalt Nitro download for android.

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