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Fruit Cut Mania 1.6

Fruit Cut Mania is another arcade game for Android on the theme of fruit cutting. The design is classic for projects of this type. For some reason, the visual design is made in two-dimensional graphics, which is very strange for modern times. The sound frankly loses to other similar games.

The process begins with the choice of difficulty. Here it is divided classically into three levels, after which the gaming begins. Fruit cutting can be carried out as a combo. The point is to cut all the fruits and not touch the kitchen knives. There is one gaming mode. There are no additional animations, features or options. The user is offered to just cut the fruit and that's it. Naturally, there is no multiplayer mode either.

It's a little unclear what the developers were counting on when creating Fruit Cat Mania. The project has absolutely nothing interesting to offer. The graphics are frankly lagging behind, the gameplay and playability are terrible, there are no "buns" and no additional features. Only those who have never seen high–quality games of a similar theme - the same Fruit Ninja - can like such a product. For everyone else, it will only be a waste of time and traffic.

The installation of the program is normal. The only advantage of the application should be noted – it is very unpretentious to resources. Due to the lack of game options and its monotony, it can be used to entertain young children. You can't count on more. The latest version of the arcade Fruit Cut Mania download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.6
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