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Heroes and Titans 3D 1.6.1

Heroes and Titans 3D is a new RPG for everyone who games on Android. It is rapidly gaining popularity on the web. Graphics and design are the strengths of this project. Good 3D graphics, excellent drawing are simply fascinating. Animation, especially spells, is at the highest level. The sound component will also appeal to most users.

The player gathers a group of several heroes and goes in search of adventures. As usual, there are several character classes, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Persians can be changed without any restrictions. Battles are possible with ordinary monsters and bosses. Items and ammunition, money and other heroes are dropped from them. Interaction with other gamers occurs by joining guilds and wars between them, as well as through Arena – PvP battles.

You can just talk using global and private chats. Items are dropped not only from monsters and bosses, they can also be bought or created. Donat is not required here, but it makes life much easier. Also, from time to time, the gamer receives different materials for his victories, from which you can create "Buns".

Ivetnas are available both on a permanent basis (in the form of tasks) and are scattered around the map, and have a thematic color and are limited in time. This leads to the fact that the game is constantly changing and evolving, it is interesting to play almost constantly, and not just in the first few days.



  • Excellent visual and sound accompaniment, high-quality modern game;
  • Unique Persians who complement each other;
  • Lots of items, weapons and trophies;
  • Various battles with monsters, bosses and other players;
  • Permanent events;
  • Huge game world;
  • Easy installation.


Unfortunately, there are a couple of limitations in Heroes and Titans 3D. A permanent network connection is required for operation. Also, according to the license agreement of the developers, only persons who have reached the age of thirteen are allowed to use the program. Are you already 13? Then download immediately and join the new world of magic and adventure! The latest version of the strategy Heroes and Titans 3D download for android.

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