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PAC-MAN 256: The Eternal Labyrinth 2.0.2

PAC-MAN 256: Eternal Maze is a new version of the most popular arcade game of the 80s. Now the project closest to the original is also available on Android. The appearance of the program causes tears of joy and nostalgia. Everything is done in a classic way, that is, pixel two-dimensional graphics, classic maze, ghosts and the main character himself. The audio accompaniment also copies the famous arcadnik very accurately. In terms of design, it's a great job.

In terms of the plot and the gameplay itself, there are differences from the first Packman. The maze is not limited by the size of the gadget's screen – it is endless. That is, ideally, you can play forever. A glitch appears at the bottom of the screen, a glitch that destroys the world. This forces the hero to move up, because getting into a Glitch is fatal. There are many improvements available, the developers did not manage with one power tablet. They become available together with the overall progress of gaming, and appear on the field in random order. It must be admitted that their competent use really "makes life easier".

Dots, as usual, allow you to fill combos. When 256 points are reached in a row, the developers promise a megabonus, but its direction and action remain a secret. If at least one cell is skipped, the dots count is reset to zero.



  • Old-school graphics and animation.
  • Authentic musical accompaniment;
  • Familiar physics;
  • New bonuses and improvements;
  • You can use controllers;
  • An endless universe.
  • Favorite heroes and villains.



  • Deviation from the reference gameplay;
  • Not everyone will like the old-school design in the spirit of the 80s.


The toy is perfectly optimized, its installation and operation does not cause any questions. It is recommended to download absolutely everyone, both gamers who remember the original and those who are not yet familiar with the world of the yellow bun. The latest version of the arcade PAC-MAN 256: The Eternal Labyrinth download for android.

Features: HD Donat

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