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Real Driving 3D 1.6.1

Real Driving 3D is an Android game that fully lives up to its name. The project strikes immediately after opening the application. The 3D graphics are done conscientiously, the textures are just great. The soundtrack could be more fun, but also pretty good. In this game you want to ride as much as possible, everything is done beautifully and efficiently.

The control is convenient, you don't need to get used to it for a second. Something like the last Asphalt. The response to all the player's actions is excellent, the number of random clicks is almost zero. There are many interesting "buns" waiting for the player here. There are a lot of cars, and they are all incredibly beautiful. In addition to supercars, other cars are also available, even pickups, which will delight gamers who are already "bored" with Ferrari and Lamborghini.

One of the top features is the opportunity to feel yourself in the car interior. The detail is high, all the little things are perfectly visible: streaks from the rain on the glass, the view in the rear-view mirror, the gearbox. The latter, by the way, needs to be switched manually (depending on the machine). The game will not just get to the finish line, but also perform a variety of racing tasks. They will throw the player into a densely populated metropolis, then into the mountains, then into the desert. The choice of locations is quite wide, there is plenty to choose from. Showers in the desert look especially interesting.

There is a racing mode with the police. But, unfortunately, there is no full-fledged multiplayer. The online scoreboard with the results of friends can not be taken into account. The system of achievements is well developed, there are many achievements and they are quite diverse. Getting rewards for them is really exciting, unlike many other races on the "green robot".


  • Good graphics and 3D;
  • View from inside the cabin;
  • Mass of trails and cars;
  • Interesting achievements;
  • In-game tasks and missions;
  • Convenient management;
  • Not a bad optimization;
  • Easy installation;
  • There is no full-fledged multiplayer.


The game is recommended as an excellent solution for users who like to fuck on Android. The only limitation may be that brakes are possible on very weak devices. The optimization possibilities are wide, but not limitless. The latest version of the racing game Real Driving 3D download for android.

Features: 3D Torrent

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