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Stickman Dismount 3.0

Stickman Dismount is a unique game for the Android system. Accident simulator. The graphics cannot be called innovative, but they are of high quality and very funny. The soundtrack mainly consists of effects that help to understand the degree of damage to the little man on the screen. The visual component leaves only a positive and a smile on the face.

The main idea of the game is as follows: at your disposal there is a painted man with whom you can do anything. To fall from the tenth floor, to drive a motorcycle into a wall, to go down the stairs upside down and many other options for "active recreation" are available in the application almost immediately.


All the movements are very interestingly animated, and the main character himself is drawn in such a way that the bones inside are visible. This gives the project a special entourage and style. The player's actions are limited only by his imagination. During the gameplay, you can open new locations, items, vehicles. There are a great many of them available, but it won't be difficult to unlock them all. I am very pleased that the levels can be conveniently customized to suit your needs.

Every trick or kick can be recorded directly from the program. The video is saved to the device's memory, it can be played later or sent to friends.


Features of Stickman Dismount:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics;
  • High-quality sounds and animations;
  • A sea of humor;
  • Mass of vehicles and levels;
  • Customization of levels;
  • Recording the process on video;
  • Unique physics;
  • Elementary installation.


The game will perfectly entertain any gamer, thanks to physics and a bunch of objects, you can come up with hundreds of different game situations. Download this program, it is one of the best entertainers for the "green robot". The main thing is not to repeat what you saw on the screen in real life. The latest version of the game Stickman Dismount download for android.

Features: G-sensor Donat

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