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Whack Ur Boss 1.11

Whack Ur Boss is an antidepressant for all office workers. Now it is also available for the Android system. The game is made in a cartoon three-dimensional style. The quality of the graphics is not up to par, but it is quite enough to make the mood rise from using the application, and not fall. The sounds are funny and, as they say, "in the theme". The player is an ordinary office worker. As it often happens, he is periodically pestered by an evil and harmful boss. But there is a big difference from reality – you can fight back! At the same time, it's not easy to hit an arrogant boss, but it's more interesting and cruel to deal with him.

The animation of the process of killing the boss is just great. It amuses and instills faith in justice in this world. There are a lot of Animashek, as the program has a lot of items available to the user to fulfill the plan. There's a high-voltage cable, and a bottle, and a bat…


The process can be easily captured with built-in tools and then shared with friends and colleagues. The boss can be killed as many times as you want, for each character gets a little money. Having accumulated the necessary amount, you can buy additional "buns" in the game. The game contains a donation, at first it is not particularly needed, but over time it can help significantly. As such, there are no combo strikes, but if you open bonuses, you can study finishing with different objects and methods.



  • Funny graphics, music, script;
  • A bunch of different items to kill;
  • A lot of options for the development of events;
  • In-game currency and purchases;
  • Bonuses and improvements;
  • Classic installation;
  • You can record videos and share with friends.


An excellent program for relieving tension after a hard day or for an interesting pastime with colleagues in the office. Download and enjoy! The latest version of the shooting game Whack Ur Boss download for android.

Features: HD Cool Donat

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