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Codes for Crossy Road 1.1

Codes for Crossy Road is an Android application to help those gamers who are not given the original game. The toy itself has an original cubic style. At first, this approach seems superfluous and puts pressure on vision (ripples in the eyes), but after a couple of minutes you get used to it and immerse yourself in gaming to the fullest. According to the level of playability and "tightening", this process can be compared with Floppy Birds – it is simply impossible to break away.

The player must pass his hero through a busy highway. Road traffic prevents this from being done and very often the character ends up on the hood of a car. Since the goal is to go as far as possible and get points for an upgrade, sometimes you have to play for a very long time to buy the right thing. It is this problem that the prog Codes for Crossy Road solves.


Here are collected unique cheat codes for all kinds of gameplay improvements. You can "prescribe" costumes and characters for yourself, easier levels and prize points. If you are too lazy to spend a lot of time for the result, this is what you need.



  • This is not a game, but only a collection of codes;
  • Intuitive interface and practicality in use;
  • A variety of use cases for various effects;
  • Possibility of combination of codes;
  • Easy to install.


The app is sincerely recommended for Crossy Road fans. It will help to significantly preserve nerve cells and make life easier for the gamer. If the player is not familiar with the original project yet, then it is better to download them together. The latest version of the game Codes for Crossy Road download for android.

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