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Modern Shooting War 3D 1.1.4

Modern Shooting War 3D first–person shooter for Android platform users. The graphic design is not the best, but it is on the level. Textures can only slightly cut the eye, otherwise everything is fine. The drawing of the menu items is excellent, the soundtrack is also excellent. 3D is implemented fully and competently.

The essence of the game is most reminiscent of the legendary Counter Strike. The player is presented as a special forces soldier who must perform tasks to destroy terrorists. In addition to the elimination itself, there are still a bunch of quests: disable the bomb, rescue hostages, and so on. So the project cannot be called monotonous.


The control is quite convenient and does not even require getting used to. It is clear that the developers have a much better experience with the game itself than with the Russian language. Nevertheless, in Modern Shoot War 3D, everything is more or less normal with Russification. The transition to a new level is possible only when completing the tasks of the previous one. The tasks are diverse and interesting, so the passage requires time and effort. The levels are well drawn and logical, which allows you to save a lot of nerve cells.

There are a lot of weapons and ammunition, they will need to be bought for in-game currency. There are no special problems with the balance, therefore, with a competent game, the cache will be enough. There are missions that require special equipment – for example, a sniper rifle.



  • Normal graphics and sound. Full-fledged three-dimensionality;
  • Interesting locations;
  • Various quests and missions;
  • A lot of weapons and ammunition;
  • A well-thought-out financial system;
  • Increasing complexity of levels;
  • Not stupid AI;
  • Adequate management.



  • Optimization is not perfect;
  • The graphics could be made better;
  • Minor difficulties with Russification.


The installation is normal. As a result, we have a solid first-person shooter with notes of good old CS. The game can be recommended to everyone, it has a lot of advantages and is able to entertain the player qualitatively. No active network connection is required. The latest version of the shooting game Modern Shooting War 3D download for android.

Features: 3D

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