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  • Show all Guidance and tips 12.0.0 Guide and tips – a handy guide for the game of the same name on the Android platform. The Agar game is a mega–popular indie project, which, according to the developer, was created in just a couple of days. Nevertheless, he received recognition and wildly popular all over the world.

The game is a simple bacteria simulator. It impresses with its simplicity and logic – everything is not as complicated here as, for example, in Spore. The player starts with a small "ball" and grows, devouring other similar bacteria – other gamers. Despite the deliberate simplicity, it is quite difficult to play. As in the real world, everyone strives to eat a gawking gamer. Therefore, there are many gaming tactics and tips for behavior on the battlefield.

Agar AyOu Guide and Tips is the most complete guide to the toy. Here you can find a lot of useful information:

  • Tactics of different types of gaming;
  • Tips on how not to become prey;
  • Mods and Improvements;
  • Information about game servers;
  • Guides on various stages of the game;
  • Skins for bacteria;


The implementation of the customization of the main characters turned out to be very original and funny. Instead of additional prog, updates or plugins, you just need to enter a certain password – "nickname", and the corresponding skin will be assigned to the microorganism. In this guide, you can easily find the right picture from the mass of options.


If there is a desire to play Agar and win, then you cannot do without this adviser. There is everything you need to make the game of any gamer as interesting as possible, but at the same time effective. The installation is normal without any additional actions. A network connection is not required. The only drawback: The guide is only available in English and Spanish. The latest version of the game Guidance and tips download for android.

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