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Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! 3

Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! – a funny Android app for those who like to have fun with friends or just sort of humor. The project is made in a hand-drawn style and is designed to simply cheer up the players. There is not even a menu here – everything is extremely simple.

The player is given a voodoo doll, which he can call by any name, but only in Latin letters. It's a pity, because with Russification, the process of bullying would look even more epic.


The doll is suspended and allowed to carry out certain manipulations: tickle or revenge. Revenge is expressed in bombarding the doll with feces. The second hero of the application, Doodieman, helps in this. He has more than 10 different techniques for humiliating his opponent using a trampoline, a machine gun and other interesting means. In addition to various options for reprisals, there is also a "super strike", which lasts about 40 seconds. Just name the opponent Dudiman as your enemy, or a friend you want to make fun of – and have fun.

The installation is classic and almost instantaneous, which is explained by the negligible weight of the application. The Voodoo Dudiman prog will be ideal for jokes and banter with colleagues or friends. The latest version of the arcade Doodieman Voodoo - FREE! download for android.

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