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Drive Ahead! 3.13.4

Drive Ahead! This is a mixture of incredible drive and adrenaline for an Android gadget. It is enough to choose a car and go on an adventure. The graphics are just wonderful. Made with a "zakos" for old platformers on game consoles, it fits perfectly into the gameplay and the idea of the game. The music is also perfectly matched. We can say that in this project all the elements are connected surprisingly organically.

There are 2 modes available to the user: Single and For two. In the first one, you can fight as the "king of the mountain" - for elimination, with an opponent from the game, or race along complex extraterrestrial tracks, perform a variety of racing tasks. There are a great many options for the game – everyone will be able to find something for themselves. You can also turn on a random game and get into a completely unfamiliar arena, where you will need to complete a racing task.


In the two-player mode, two players can fight on the same device at once! The task is to break the enemy's neck. In general, it is quite addictive and interesting activity. Of the features, I would like to note the "sudden death" option - sometimes blades and spikes just appear in the arena, it burns or sinks. This adds a lot of drive and trash to the game.


The player has his own virtual garage where all his cars are stored. Cars can be bought or won in a slot machine for coins. They, in turn, will have to earn by completing tasks, or buy live. As practice shows, donat in Drive Ahead is absolutely unnecessary.



  • Original idea;
  • Interesting design;
  • Mass of modes;
  • A lot of equipment and trails;
  • It is possible to play together on the same device;
  • Balanced purchases.



  • Not everyone will like old-school graphics;
  • The control is too simple with just two buttons.
  • Periodic slowdowns.


Lags and freezes are easy to fix if you disable Everyplay in the game settings (just uncheck it). This instantly removes all bugs and makes the gaming process as comfortable as possible. It's a pity, but not all users are aware of this possibility, so you can find unflattering comments about this project. The toy turned out to be trashy and interesting. "Must have" if you want to "chop" with a friend on the same device. The latest version of the racing game Drive Ahead! download for android.

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