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Hacker 1.26

Hacker is a mega–engaging game in which the player becomes a real hacker. The design of the project is made in a high-tech style. It vaguely resembles such tapes as Johnny Mnemonic or Throne. The musical accompaniment matches the visual and is very well chosen. In Hacker, the player becomes a virus that plows the expanses of the world Wide Web. It moves at speed along several digital routes. Obstacles and other elements constantly appear on the way: firewalls, user terminals, open networks and password-protected transitions.

The first ones should be avoided, because if the virus gets caught three times, it will be deleted. Visually, the firewall is shown as a blood-red wall. When you get to the terminal, you need to hack it. To do this, a binary code is used, which is prompted by the game itself. The main thing is to have time to enter it.

The password-protected files need to be decoded using the same binary code. Only now it is several times longer than in other elements. The toy is seriously addictive. I am very pleased that the speed of movement increases quite slowly, and even an inexperienced player does not "fly out" after a minute of movement. You can play for hours, because this is not just a runner, but, in fact, a "game within a game".


  • Original graphics and gameplay;
  • High playability;
  • Good sound;
  • Several mini-games in the main;
  • Popular topics;
  • Light weight and low requirements;
  • Easy installation.


No shortcomings were found. The game will work correctly even on the weakest systems and is able to give many hours of high-quality gaming. This is one of the best offers among projects of this type: easy, exciting and bright. The latest version of the arcade Hacker download for android.

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