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LEGO® DC Super Heroes 7.0.143

LEGO® DC Super Heroes is a wild mix of favorite DC comics characters and Lego for Android gadget. From the very opening, the program impresses with its colorfulness and excellent graphics. The figures in the role of heroes look like real ones, and watching videos with them is a pleasure. The sound component is also good. All animations work smoothly and without jerks, no special glitches have been identified.

In the game we have two factions: superheroes and supervillains (how unexpected). There are 5 of them on each side – unforgivably few for a project of this scale and quality. Each Persian has 3 basic characteristics: HP, speed and strength. They will have to be upgraded all the time.


The fights are only available in 3x3 format. All gameplay is standard for similar projects: maps with characters, group battles and level-ups. It is worth noting that the appearance and entourage of Lego figures leaves excellent impressions and completely smooths out many minor roughnesses and shortcomings. For example, there are very few arenas, but they are perfectly executed.


I am pleased with the competent implementation of 3D – and the system does not particularly load, and looks realistic. You can also find new weapons and bonuses in the arenas – a rather non-standard approach for such games.



  • Original design idea;
  • Heroes of the DC universe;
  • Light swipe fighting game system;
  • Upgrade;
  • Excellent graphics and 3D;
  • Lots of bonuses and additional prizes;
  • Characters and arenas are not enough;
  • Standard installation.


In general, Lego Superheroes DiSi turned out to be a good game. It is playable and interesting, it can be recommended to both children and adults. If new characters "arrive" with new updates, then it will become quite different and will take one of the places of honor in Android games. The latest version of the shooting game LEGO® DC Super Heroes download for android.

Features: 3D Online HD Donat

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