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PAC-MAN Bounce - Puzzles 2.1

PAC-MAN Bounce Puzzles is another project about the most famous playable character – PAC—MAN. Now also on Android. The game is very bright, made in a cartoon style. Animations also deserve attention, literally every object is animated. This design will appeal to children and those adults who just want to relax a little behind the gadget screen. Most of all, the visual design resembles the sensational Cut the Rope.

The hero begins his journey through the levels. It will not be possible to control the Packmn in a classic way – that's why the game carries the status of a puzzle. You can only direct the character in the right direction and, with the help of special "turn signals", correct his movement. After pressing the start button, you will not be able to control the movements of the bun.


The main task is to bring the hero to the key that will allow him to move to the next level. The number of bonus points depends on the stars that you need to try to grab along the way. On more difficult levels, there are more obstacles and old enemies: four ghosts. With each victory it becomes more and more difficult, you will need logic, speed, and ingenuity to pass.


The developers have created more than 100 levels. The theme of the design is sweets. All levels are conveniently sorted into ten thematic worlds. Thanks to this approach, the project has excellent playability.


Features of Packman Bones:

  • Excellent graphics and animation;
  • Integrating the Packman world into modernity;
  • Good sound design;
  • Using logic and Dexterity to complete tasks;
  • Interesting design;
  • Competitions with friends;
  • Easy installation;
  • Decent optimization.


As a result, we have a decent toy with an attractive appearance, an interesting gaming component and well-developed optimization. It will be interesting to gamers of any age and gender and will be an excellent solution for relaxing behind the gadget screen. The latest version of the game PAC-MAN Bounce - Puzzles download for android.

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