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Plague of the Dimension Germs 1.22

Plague of the Dimension Germs is a game in the style of arcade machines of the eighties of the last century. Allows you to play on your Android device as on a vintage arcade. The design of the application is made in retro style. Deliberate pixelation, eight-bit melodies… Everything is as in the originals. In terms of gameplay, the project is kept at a level. The plot is classic: hordes of aliens are trying to invade the earth. The player, the pilot of a space fighter, is the last hope of humanity. This is where the massive "shutemap" of the entire game screen begins.

The deviation from the classics is minimal – instead of alien ships, monsters are microbes. However, this does not change the essence. Everything works quickly and simply. The gamer has three buttons, or a button and a joystick. This possibility of control settings is an undoubted plus, but the upper part of the joystick will "climb" a little on the game screen, which can bring some inconvenience.

The Plague of Germs is available in the free version. The developers promise to add a paid one with new improvements and "buns". So far, everyone can enjoy this project. But if the second one is just as good, then success is guaranteed for him.



  • A lot of nostalgia for the 80s;
  • Original graphics and voice acting;
  • Classic storyline;
  • Standard installation;
  • Optimized for almost any gadgets.


The game will "behave well" even on the weakest systems, so it can be recommended to absolutely all users of the "green robot". This is just a godsend for retro lovers – download it, you won't regret it! The latest version of the arcade Plague of the Dimension Germs download for android.

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