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Talking Tom's Aquabike

Talking Tom's Aquabike is another Android platform game with your favorite characters. The interface is made in the proprietary "cartoon" style of other applications with a Volume. Already with the menu, you can notice the good quality of animations and a pleasant soundtrack.

There are two main characters: Talking Tom and Talking Angela. But in this project they are more silent and rush to meet adventures on aquabikes. Management is very convenient and clear from the very first seconds of gaming. You will have to slide between obstacles on a smooth water track, while collecting bonuses and prize points. The game is designed for attentiveness and dexterity. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to fit into turns and the game becomes a real adventure.

A flexible system of achievements has been implemented. There are quite a lot of them, due to which it is even more interesting to earn achievements. Earned money can be spent on jet skis or buy costumes for the characters. When syncing with Facebook, you can see the achievements of friends and their records on the track. So Talking Tom's Aquabike becomes even more interesting – rivalry adds a share of excitement to the gameplay.


  • Undemanding to system resources;
  • Suitable for children and adults;
  • The opportunity to earn achievements;
  • Customization of characters and equipment;
  • Integration with other games about these characters;
  • Integration with Facebook accounts and interaction with friends.


It is safe to say that the project turned out to be interesting and noteworthy. Targeting several age groups, easy installation and intuitive gameplay make this game a good choice for relaxing with an Android gadget. The latest version of the game Talking Tom's Aquabike download for android.

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