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Wipeout 2 1.0.2

Wipeout 2 is a continuation of the Android game based on a unique TV show. In the new application, players will have even more drive and positivity. More than a hundred unique obstacles, updated physics and much more. The design has been greatly changed compared to the first version. Textures and animations are redrawn. In general, they leave a pleasant impression, but fans of the prequel will need to get used to it. Navigation is simple and clear, does not cause any problems.

Several characters are available to the user. Each of them has its own unique characteristics, which, in the future, can be improved. Customization is well developed – a rich selection of costumes and types of Persians. During the game, the Persians can develop various abilities and skills, such as teleport or superspeed.


The game has many achievements and awards. Some of them open after passing the previous ones, some during the day. New challenges provide new rewards and upgrade opportunities. The program is socially integrated and can show the progress of friends. So it becomes much more interesting to compete. The standings become just like the original one from the show.


  • High-quality, but not too pretty graphics;
  • Decent optimization;
  • Rethinking the first part of the program;
  • More than 100 diverse and authentic obstacles;
  • Customization and upgrade;
  • Daily rewards and bonuses.


The application does not require configuration and is immediately ready to work. There is a possibility of donation, but, as practice shows, you can easily do without it. Vypout is a great timekiller with an original plot and interesting gameplay. It is recommended to download, especially for fans of the show of the same name. The latest version of the arcade Wipeout 2 download for android.

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