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    Berk Ozveren
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Traffic Racer by Berk Ozveren 1.1

Traffic Racer is a simple casual racing game for Android devices. The game is simplified as much as possible. No special settings, a few cars and tracks – that's all the wealth. The graphics are very simple and do not impress with any quality or any animations. It is sad that even the developers did not "spend money" on pedestrians in the city.


There are 4 types of cars available in total. Naturally, each of them has different characteristics (speed, control, and so on). The road is full of other road users, so it's quite difficult to get far, and this is the main goal of the game. The controls are as simple as possible: right, left, brake and gas. No nitro or additional bonuses are provided.



  • As light as possible;
  • Excellent optimization;
  • Understandable even to small children.



  • Poor graphics;
  • Too simplified;
  • There are few settings and additional gameplay elements.
  • Few cars.


The game is well suited for children: easy operation and a minimum of functions will be a huge plus. For more adult gamers, the program will not be particularly interesting, since there are a lot of better and more interesting projects on the mobile application market. The latest version of the racing game Traffic Racer by Berk Ozveren download for android.

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