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Simulator of Russia Online 3.3

Simulator of Russia is a new game application for Android devices. With it, you can try yourself as the ruler of a huge state and go through all the epochs of its development. Simuljator Rossii has practically no analogues and is distinguished by the attractiveness of gameplay and ease of control.


The storyline of the game begins in the year 862. It was in this year, according to the chronicles, three Varangian princes were invited by the inhabitants of Novgorod. From now on, the fate of the state is in your hands. Your task is to manage the development of the country, trade with neighbors, explore territories and, of course, wage wars if necessary.


The gameplay is brightly and colorfully designed, the management of the game will not cause difficulties for users. Another feature of it is that the plot is closely intertwined with real historical events: wars, epidemics, uprisings and so on. Quite often you will have to stop before a choice on which the whole future of Russia will depend.



  • The presence of more than three hundred real historical events in the storyline
  • More than seventy rulers of the state
  • The system of trade and taxation
  • The ability to attack neighboring States


The control of the game, as already mentioned, is extremely simple and is carried out with the finger of one hand. The installation process of the program will not cause difficulties either. It runs in automatic mode and all that is required from the owner of the Android device is just to click on the appropriate button (Install). The program will undoubtedly appeal to fans of simulators, lovers of history and battles.


How to play? - Allocate funds for Science, Education, hire troops, impose taxes. It all depends on you and your decisions. Become the head of the country and lead it to power and glory! The latest version of the strategy Simulator of Russia Online download for android.

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