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Clash of Islands 1.05

Clash of Islands is an interesting game project for the Android system. The game is positioned as a slightly modified clone of the Battle of Clans. In fact, there are changes, but the feeling of secondary does not leave the whole game. The dynamics of the battles are almost identical, some elements of the design and gameplay too. The plot and the course of gaming are different.

According to the story in the game, the clans are located on islands. The Evil Empire has captured most of them, and plans to enslave the rest of the world as well. Naturally, the player is the last hope for salvation, he must build a powerful clan, strengthen his defenses, develop an army and sweep the evil spirits away from his native land. In terms of heroes, the emphasis is on fantasy creatures and magic. There is really a lot of it here. The game currency and operations with it are about the same as in the original.

I am very pleased with the richness of storylines and huge upgrade opportunities. You can hire and train heroes, learn spells, build your own fortress. The levels are full of mysteries and mysticism, there are secret bonuses that are very difficult to find. Even a dragon will have to be killed, well, that's right, what kind of hero without a slain dragon…


The design and graphics are good, but not particularly impressive, especially on devices with high-resolution screens. The sound is average, it can only be called good with a strong stretch. But the optimization is not bad, brakes and lags were not noticed.



  • A sea of magic and fantasy heroes;
  • Good optimization;
  • Real-time strategy;
  • Bonuses and quest tasks;
  • High playability;
  • Works offline;
  • Not enough PvP.


It cannot be said that Clash of Islands completely repeats the Battle of Clans, but there are clearly more similarities than differences. The game is also interesting and exciting, it has its own unique moments. Quite a playable project that can appeal to both Clan fans and new players. The latest version of the strategy Clash of Islands download for android.

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