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Clash of Kings 7.38.0

Clash of Kings is an incredibly interesting and fascinating project for owners of Android gadgets. The first thing that catches your eye is graphics and textures. Everything is drawn in excellent quality to the smallest detail. The objects and gameplay elements are very realistic, most of all the design resembles the reincarnation of the classic strategy – Cossacks 3. With sound, everything is also on top. Without a doubt, this is one of the most high-quality projects of recent times.

The player becomes a deposed king who is trying to regain his place on the throne. The gamer will have to build a powerful fortress, train an army and drive opponents from their lands. The game takes place in PvP mode. Also, the world is open for research and allows you to find a variety of useful "buns". The upgrade system is thought out just fine, the game balance is clearly observed everywhere. More often it is necessary to win by calculation and cunning, not by force.

The game is perfectly socially integrated. In addition to communication with popular social networks, the player can easily communicate inside the application. Moreover, it helps to win, because without finding allies and not protecting each other, it is very difficult to build a really powerful empire.



  • High-end graphics, picturesque landscapes and realistic animations;
  • Thoughtful gameplay, balance is not overwhelmed;
  • Highest playability;
  • Playing with gamers around the globe, alliances with allies;
  • Lots of quests and events, rewards for success;
  • Daily events that bring excellent profit;
  • Lots of traps and combat units;
  • The possibility of winning with the help of cunning and ingenuity;
  • Cross-platform (Android, iOS. Vkontakte and Facebook).


You can try for a long time, but it does not work out to detect the shortcomings of Clash of Kings. The game is really very high quality and good. The only downside is that after downloading you can say goodbye to your free time. Z Unloading and installation are standard. The latest version of the strategy Clash of Kings download for android.

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