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PickCrafter 5.9.37

PickCrafter is an exciting block game created for Android devices. Graphics are quite standard for applications of this genre. Block projects are mainly focused on the free world and its exploration. This project carries a slightly modified idea.

This game is completely focused on diggery and mining craft. The main task is to collect as many treasures and useful "buns" as possible. Tools and ammunition help the gamer in this. New picks can be obtained for in-game currency or as a prize in treasure chests. There are quite a lot of types of them and the change of the instrument really qualitatively affects the gaming process.

The gamer is fully equipped with ammunition. Its upgrade is also an important element, it increases the player's strength. There is an interactive leaderboard where everyone can check their results and "face off" with other users. All items can be earned by honest work, or bought by donating. However, it is not required and it is easy to do without it.


  • Original idea;
  • Classic graphics;
  • The possibility of upgrading tools and armor;
  • Tables of record holders;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • Russian language;



  • The gameplay is a bit boring;
  • Mediocre playability;
  • Another rethinking of Minecraft;
  • Donat.


In general, gaming is quite interesting, the game deserves attention. It will become an excellent part of a huge family of block projects and will be able to please thousands of users, since quality and optimization allow it. The latest version of the game PickCrafter download for android.

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