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Racing 3D: Asphalt Real Tracks 1.7

Racing 3D: Asphalt Real Tracks is another variation on the Asphalt theme. For Android systems. Players spoiled by such projects as Asphalt 8 may not appreciate this project. Everything is on the level here, graphics, menu animations, landscapes and the gameplay itself, but all this does not reach the creation of progers from Gameloft.

The graphics are average, does not excite the imagination of a seasoned racer. Even on very powerful devices, it is not possible to achieve excellent picture quality. The sound design is much better. Management is implemented strangely. Maybe it will seem convenient to someone, but there will clearly be a minority of such. Turns become a real test for both the game and the nerves.

There are few cars in the game and they are easy to open (only on their own) in a couple of hours of gaming. This kills playability at the root and makes the project unattractive for long-term gaming. Car customization saves the situation a little. Setting up a car for yourself is easy and simple. Moreover, it can be constantly upgraded, add new "buns". They sometimes appear right on the track, along with prize points.

The game contains several different modes. You can play against everyone, in a classic race, duel and several other types of races. Tracks are selected separately, there are about 16 of them. All of them delight with interesting and beautiful landscapes.



  • Old graphics and design;
  • Ill-conceived management;
  • Not enough cars and not enough trails;
  • Multiple gaming modes;
  • Not a bad optimization;
  • Light weight of the game;
  • Easy installation.


Racing 3D: Asphalt Real Track will be interesting to inexperienced users and owners of slightly outdated gadgets. The program may well brighten up a few hours spent behind the screen of a mobile device. The latest version of the racing game Racing 3D: Asphalt Real Tracks download for android.

Features: 3D

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