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Stalker: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant 3.0.2

Stalker: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is a simple and ultra–light casual game for any gadgets on the "green robot" (Android). The graphics are simple animations, moving drawings and photos. However, this is completely normal for such a project, because it does not claim to be a leader. This is just a simple casual game created more for entertainment than real gaming.

In the game, the user gets control over the Stalker. His goal is to go through 3 locations and reach the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. On the way, he is waiting for "buns" that need to be collected and anomalies of various types. There is no management, as such, in principle. Tap on the screen means a jump, double tap means a long jump, that's all the controls. On the terrain, the main character moves at a constant speed, so jumping is all that is required.

Some chips are painfully reminiscent of the games of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, for example, the "buns" that the character collects are almost identical to the "Medusa" artifact. Anomalous zones and obstacles, in turn, also resemble those in a big game. The same "Frying" is made very naturally. The project will perfectly entertain both "unprepared" users, and, especially, fans of the sensational trilogy. This game will perfectly lift the mood, but not for a long time, since you can pass it, with a certain sleight of hand, quite quickly.

Download and join the unique atmospheric environment of the exclusion zone. The latest version of the game Stalker: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant download for android.

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  • Game version: 3.0.2
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