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Case Simulator 2 1.98

Case Simulator 2 is the second part of the legendary case simulator for the Android system. The game has a simple but cute interface that consists of only three tabs. As practice shows, this is quite enough for high-quality gaming.

The basic idea of the application is simple. There are cases of different classes, from ordinary to rare. The player is invited to open them in order to get a modern unique weapon from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other projects. The goal is to collect the rarest and most unique samples from all over the world. The first tab represents the main window with cases. Here you can open the necessary and receive the promised samples of weapons.

The second tab is the warehouse. All the weapons won are stored here. It is also available to view the characteristics and delete function, so as not to clutter the game space. The third tab is contracts. An interactive exchange of weapons takes place here. Several units from your own warehouse can be exchanged for rare random weapons.

There is an advanced system of achievements for success and profitable contracts. The game is incredibly interesting and terribly addictive. After ten minutes of gaming, you perfectly understand all the features of the gameplay and it becomes almost impossible to break away. Unfortunately, you can't use the skins you won in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but showing off new guns to your friends is strictly mandatory.



  • Fast work;
  • Nice interface;
  • Huge playability;
  • Easy controls and gameplay;
  • Excellent quality of weapon skins;
  • Incredibly addictive;
  • Does not require high system performance.


If you have a lot of time and need a high-quality timekiller, then Case Simulator 2 will be happy to help you. The game time can range from a couple of minutes to several hours – ideal for gaming in transport, at work or anywhere else. The latest version of the game Case Simulator 2 download for android.

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