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Crossy Creeper Halloween 3.5

Crossy Creeper Halloween is a great arcade game for the Android system. It has an interesting plot and a cool appearance. The graphics are made in the now popular block style. But not all elements are made like this, only characters and interface elements, in the game locations themselves, objects sometimes come across more smoothly.

The basis of the game is jumping through paths, as in the sensational Crossy Road. The main task of the player is to go as far as possible without dying along the way and collecting as many "buns" as possible. One of the gameplay features of this project is a lot of interesting skins. A gamer can play for cartoon characters, movies, monsters and aliens, and indeed for anyone – the choice is huge.

Each skin has its own capabilities. They can be used to fight enemies, of which there are many. In total, there are 4 large areas available in the game, but thanks to the random level generator, you will not be bored.



  • Cool graphics and gameplay;
  • A lot of shells for the character;
  • Enemies, meteorites and other obstacles;
  • Upgrade and superpowers of the Persians;
  • The "buns" store;
  • A lot of obstacles – roads, rivers, rails;
  • Random Level Generator;
  • 4 locations with unique landscapes;
  • Sync with Facebook and online leaderboards;
  • Easy installation.


Crozie Cripper Halloween is a great arcade game with the widest customization and upgrade possibilities. Due to its orientation, the project will be interesting to almost any user and is guaranteed to take a place on the shelf with the most favorite games. Download it! The latest version of the arcade Crossy Creeper Halloween download for android.

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