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Fruit Smash 1.8

Fruit Smash is another variant of the arcade game with fruit cutting for the Android operating system. The appearance of the application causes positive emotions. Graphics and 3D cannot be called revolutionary, but everything is quite high-quality and pretty, even fastidious users will be satisfied. The soundtrack is excellent.

The essence of the game is almost classic – fruit cutting. The difference is that the gameplay is not the same as in most arcades. Here the game is a kind of "shooting gallery", where the targets are in a row and you need to hit them with a honed samurai blade.


The program has several modes, and all of them are quite interesting and fascinating. Fruits fall to the ground with colorful effects, different "buns" and boosters also explode brightly. Management is easy and comes down to swipes in the direction of the desired fruit. There are practically no erroneous triggers, everything works very accurately.

Combos and bonus points are awarded for several downed fruits. For them, you can buy improvements and new blades that differ in appearance and original effects. Also, special fruits periodically appear in the game. We can say that the gameplay is just great and well thought out. The program displays local results in the menu and on the online leaderboard. You can always see your records and try to break into the leaderboard.


  • The most interesting gameplay;
  • Good graphics and sound;
  • Lots of boosters, bonuses and improvements;
  • Lots of game modes;
  • Many blades;
  • Average optimization.


It cannot be said that the toy is demanding of resources, but very ancient devices can slow down. In general, everything is surprisingly fast and smooth. The installation is classic. Fruit Smash is a wonderful project for fans of "juicy" arcade games. Download, you will surely enjoy the game, as well as most users of the "green robot". The latest version of the arcade Fruit Smash download for android.

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