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Heroes of Steel RPG 5.0.7

Heroes of Steel RPG is a fantasy game for devices running on the Android operating system. This turn-based strategy has a very peculiar graphics. All actions are shown in the form of "top-down", and the characters and other elements are made in a hand-drawn style. This gives the toy a certain atmosphere, but not beauty and quality.

The plot is as follows: the world was destroyed by dark forces. For 70 years now, evil has ruled on earth and only in the dungeons there were residents settled there, at one time, by powerful druids. Four heroes, for whom the player will have to play, decided to put an end to this and challenged the Darkness.


As in any RPG, each character has his own abilities and features that determine his class and battle tactics. It's good that the characters are not made very strong, so it's much more interesting to play, you have to "turn on your head" and competently use everyone's strengths to win. Each Persian can be flexibly configured. In addition to the main attributes, there are branched skill trees, which largely determine the strength and tactics of the player. A lot of ammunition is also available (breastplate, helmet, weapons, and so on), which can also be improved.

There are 4 huge parts in the game, each with a lot of locations. According to the manufacturer, one location corresponds to thirty or forty hours of healthy gaming. Is it so easy to check for yourself by downloading the game. Most likely, it will really take a lot of time.



  • Turn-based strategy with RPG elements, or vice versa;
  • Unique characters of different classes;
  • A rich skill tree and a lot of ammunition;
  • The ability to upgrade both items and characters;
  • 4 huge locations lots of quests;
  • Sometimes an application needs internet access;
  • Excellent work speed and optimization.


In this version, the Heroes have Become an RPG, the first part of four possible is available. The rest can be reloaded after passing this one. There is no donation as such, but you can buy additional characters. The game is perfect for leisurely gaming and players who like turn-based strategies. Optimization and undemanding to hardware allow you to play on literally everything that has an Android inscription on it. Good luck in the dungeons! The latest version of the strategy Heroes of Steel RPG download for android.

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