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Pou Egg 1.3

Pou Egg is a controversial toy with a very unusual plot. For the Android system. The game is the height of simplicity. The whole gameplay consists of a single screen on which an egg is depicted. This is where the whole schedule ends.

The meaning of gaming is to knock on the egg. One tap is one light blow on the shell. In order to break an egg, you need to make a million of these taps. Yes, exactly a million. The counter is installed in the corner of the screen and reacts only to single strikes. It will not work to cheat using a couple of fingers or holding your finger on the screen. Telling what will happen after the millionth blow means spoiling. One can only hint that the impregnable shell will crumble and open.


  • A completely wild idea;
  • The mysterious prize at the end;
  • Minimum weight (only a couple of megabytes);
  • There are practically no hardware requirements;
  • Easy to use.


The project is primarily designed for children and mega-smart users. With its help, it is easy to occupy the child for several hours, knowing that no special actions are required about him. Adult gamers will be very bored playing Pu Eg, but the prog can easily serve as a kind of simulator for fine motor skills of fingers.


Installation is almost instantaneous and does not require anything additional. For all its narrow focus, the program practically does not take up space, does not "eat" and will be an excellent comic application from the category of "what to show friends". The latest version of the game Pou Egg download for android.

Features: Sensory

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