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Stickman Football 2.5

Stickman Football is a fun simulator of American football for Android devices. The game has excellent and high-quality 3D graphics. The playing field, stadiums and players – everything looks very colorful and clear. Manufacturers promise animation quality in the region of 60 frames per second – and this result is visible on the screen.

The program is a full-fledged simulator of American football. With this program, you can forget about those under-games that offered only partial control and control over the players. It is not at all interesting to manage the whole team with two or three taps, it is much more interesting to have absolute control over each individual player.


The controls are insanely simple. Difficulties can only be caused by the rules of the game themselves… But they are explained in the tutorial. Therefore, if you do not skip the training, then it is quite easy to figure it out. The player can play in different seasons. There are more than thirty real-life teams available, among which you can choose any one. The greatest stadiums in the world have been opened.

The difficulty is easily adjustable and can be changed quickly. There are 4 levels in total: Easy, Medium, Difficult and HELL. Any level of difficulty requires certain tactics and ingenuity, it will not work to win just by pressing the buttons quickly. There is a flexible system of achievements. It cannot be said that it is necessary in this project, but it is clearly not superfluous, it adds motivation and dynamics to the events on the screen.

Features and "buns":

  • Excellent picture quality;
  • Convenient management;
  • More than 30 teams;
  • Multiple game modes (cups and seasons);
  • Several types of complexity;
  • A convenient tutorial on the rules and the game;
  • Excellent realism – the player can get injured;
  • Match statistics;
  • Online competition with friends;
  • Achievement system;
  • The mass of connected controllers.


It doesn't matter if you like American football or not – Stickman Football should be on the device of every self-respecting gamer. It's great quality, incredible gameplay and many hours of great gaming. The latest version of the sports game Stickman Football download for android.

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