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Hippo Simulator of Russia 1.69

Simulator of Russia is a humorous game about Russia on the Android system. Graphics, as such, are not in the game because of its very narrow focus. Here you can feel the same excitement as in the game of Monopoly, because the main task is to multiply your capital.

The motto of the program: "Everyone steals – and you steal." There are dozens of ways available to the player to earn and multiply their money on a nationwide scale. Most of them are far from the law, because the project was created with the aim of ridiculing and drawing attention to corruption. The main screen is the country statistics. It displays budget money, theft and kickbacks (the main profit), the inflation rate, and the main achievements.

There are a lot of achievements in the game, and most of them really help to play. After the first time, every user understands that it is necessary to increase momentum, and takes on "new horizons" in theft. Even after exiting the program, all data is saved. Moreover, the budget is constantly growing, even when the program is not active. In case of changing the gadget, it is easy to transfer the account to a new device, since the application is connected to the cloud.


  • Lift the Motherland from your knees;
  • Great gameplay;
  • An interesting and socially useful idea;
  • Cute graphics;
  • Background work;
  • Backup.


Russia Simulator is just an excellent timekiller that can be recommended to both Russians and other users from CIS countries. Lots of good mood and hours of gaming are guaranteed! The latest version of the game Hippo Simulator of Russia download for android.

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