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Millionaire 2015 Lux 3.1.0

The world-famous quiz "Who wants to become a millionaire?" pleases his fans and viewers. We present to your attention an analogue of this quiz show "Millionaire Lux" - a game in which you need to answer 15 questions to achieve the cherished goal of a million rubles. A fairly well-designed interface and soundtrack immerse you headfirst into the gameplay.


The questions at the beginning of the game are simple, but the further it gets, the more difficult it becomes. Four tips will help you cope with difficulties: a celebrity call, change the question, remove two incorrect answers, and the help of the people. Famous personalities, scientists, actors and many others will help you in the "Celebrity Call" hint in an original form.


In case of victory, the player is given the opportunity to receive a certificate with a win in a social network. The game is very famous and makes you move your brain! The latest version of the logic game Millionaire 2015 Lux download for android.

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