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Cube World: Blockhead Goat 3D 2.8

Cube World: Blockhead Goat 3D is another goat simulator for Android devices. Recently, this animal has become wildly popular. Games on this topic come out very often, and it is easy for an unprepared user to get confused in them.

As for this project, its main difference is the FreToPlay block world. As in the progenitor of blocks – Minecraft – everything here consists of blocks, even the main character. Only the gamer plays a goat. We can consider the Cubic World: The Block–Headed Goat 3D as the antagonist of the "mining business", because there, basically, they craft new things, and here they destroy everything that is.

Graphic design is standard for projects of this type. It is bright and elaborate enough to attract the attention of players. Audio accompaniment is also "on the level". So, the player entered the game. He is a crazy Goat and his goal is to have fun and destroy everything in his path. In this program, freedom of action is more attractive than ever. There is a desire – you can chew grass in the park, a bad mood – we ram a truck or knock down passers-by like skittles.

This program easily acts as an antidepressant after a hard day and perfectly lifts the mood.



  • A rabid animal;
  • A completely blocky world;
  • Freedom of action;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Lack of rules;
  • Convenient management;
  • Normal optimization;
  • Easy installation.


Relax and get a huge dose of positivity with this program. Excellent playability will easily allow you to play it for hours and completely forget about boredom. The latest version of the game Cube World: Blockhead Goat 3D download for android.

Features: 3D

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