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Five Nights at Jurassic World 10.0

Five Nights at Jurassic World is a high–quality horror for gadgets on the Android operating system. The application is made in the now popular genre of "last a few nights in the company of a monster." For all its simplicity, it is really very frightening and incredibly addictive. One of the reasons for such success may be that there are no identical rounds and each time gaming develops according to its own unique scenario.

The graphics perfectly complement the atmosphere of horror. The basis is a diagram of a building with rooms and doors. Camera recordings are also available. I would like to highlight the sound design separately, it is surprisingly good here! Adds unreal realism and quality to the game. For the sound – a solid 5!

You are the only survivor at the Center for Biological Research on Dinosaur Genetics. There was a catastrophic failure, and the creatures broke free, At your disposal external surveillance cameras, control of lights and doors. The goal is to hold out for 5 nights until help comes.


Everything would be fine, but there is very little energy for the operation of cameras and the movement of doors, and every night it becomes less and less. We will have to include maximum logic and ingenuity in order to distract and deceive bloodthirsty creatures, because we so want to stay alive ...There are 3 types of lizards in the game: Tyrannosaurus, Veloceraptors and Dilophosaurs. Each of them has its own tactics, speed and features. For example, if Tirex notices you, then you are not a tenant, without options.


  • A really scary project;
  • Good and suitable graphics;
  • Great sound;
  • Different types of lizards;
  • Simple operation;
  • Elementary installation;
  • Good optimization.


Be sure to download this app! Such projects should not be missed in any way, even if you are not particularly fond of horror films and games of this type. Believe me, 5 Nights in the Jurassic World is worth several megabytes of memory on your device! The latest version of horror Five Nights at Jurassic World download for android.

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