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Animals for children: Safari ZOO 1.4

The game "Animals for children: Safari" will entertain and amuse children from three years old, and younger children can watch and play together with their parents. In this kind game, the child gets acquainted with the animals, birds and other animals of Africa. He finds himself in a cheerful "Safari Park" where animals graze, hunt and do their daily chores in natural conditions.

The game is bright and colorful, but at the same time animals and landscapes are painted softly, with watercolor transitions. The animals are recognizable, the details are well worked out. There are 12 of them in the game: lion, crocodile, pelican, monkeys, ostriches, elephants, zebra, giraffe, turtles, chameleon, parrots and even meerkats.

All the tasks are done with the expectation of causing a smile: the turtles that need to be photographed make funny faces. A pelican, if you feed it not with fish, but with an empty tin can, spits it out with a funny sound. Helping the mother monkey to put her babies to bed, you will first have to catch these nimble monkeys, and then cradle the cradles until the baby monkeys fall asleep soundly. It is necessary to properly feed the lion, which growls angrily if it is fed with unloved food, and wash the elephants.

In each game, you need not only to complete all the tasks, but also to closely monitor the tail of the animal that appears at the end. Kids who like funny puzzles will be thrilled! The latest version of the game Animals for children: Safari ZOO download for android.

Features: HD Cool Donat

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