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Real Street Fighting 4.0.2

Real Street Fighting is a simulator of street fights for the Android platform. The 3D graphics of the game do not even lend themselves to description. But not by quality, but by absence, because it's almost 2016 on the street, and the exterior design is at the level of a decade (or even more) ago. The sounds only brighten up the situation a little.

The player is invited to participate in street fights for elimination. He fights with opponents whose power grows from fight to fight. The characters themselves are very small, you need to look at them. It's not very convenient, but surely a game with such graphics will be able to work on almost all Android gadgets.

Management is as simple as possible. This is a joystick for movement and four kick buttons. You can only fight in Real Street Fighting with your hands, which is strange for street fights.



  • Casual fighting game;
  • Only 4 strokes;
  • The same type of rivals;
  • Lack of settings;
  • Minimum hardware requirements;
  • Basic setup.


The program can be recommended only to children. No development is provided, the exterior design is terrible, and the action itself is practically not visible. Only good optimization and simplified management saves, which is probably designed for children. The latest version of the shooting game Real Street Fighting download for android.

Features: 3D For boys

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