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Real Traffic Racing 3d 1.03

Real Traffic Racing 3d is a vivid representative of the genre of “endless racing" on Android. The exterior design of the game is a little let down. Of course, the user is waiting for a full 3D, upgrades and "buns", but the graphics still spoil the impression. 3 years ago it would have looked good, but not now. But the musical accompaniment is on top, it's nice to listen to it and sometimes you want to open a program just for this.

As already mentioned, this is an endless race, where the main thing is not to reach the finish line first, but to get as far as possible. Traffic on the motorway is busy, and the drivers of neighboring cars, judging by their driving, bought their rights, so it's really difficult to get far.


According to the classic scenario, there is money per kilometer. But you can earn them faster. If you develop a speed of more than 100 km / h, then bonuses begin to "drip", and in the second game mode, where you have to drive on the oncoming lane, the cache is almost twice as large. The upgrade system is quite interesting and well thought out. You can increase the main TTX of your transport in a couple of clicks, or buy a new one. There are not many machines available in the program, but you can change them periodically.

Especially pleasing to the eye are the cities and landscapes beyond the highway. It can be seen that the developers chose the most interesting and picturesque corners of the globe. The control in the toy is standard. The accelerometer of the gadget controls turns, gas and brake on the screen. It is impossible to call the system ideal, but there are no big drawbacks, false and incorrect triggers appear infrequently.


  • Endless race;
  • Replacement cars and upgrades;
  • Beautiful landscapes;
  • 2 gaming modes;
  • Tolerable management;
  • The opportunity to earn quickly;
  • Busy traffic;
  • Easy installation of the program.


Real Travel Racing 3D will be an excellent option for gaming for a couple of days or a week. Due to some monotony and a small amount of transport, it is unlikely to work for months, but as a short–term choice, it is ideal. The latest version of the racing game Real Traffic Racing 3d download for android.

Features: 3D Sensory

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  • Game version: 1.03
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  • Game version: 1.03
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