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Skins for Minecraft Pocket Ed. 4.8

Skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition is a set of interactive skins for your favorite game on the Android system. "Miner's craft" firmly occupies the most leading positions in the world of the gaming industry. This project is available on almost all platforms, created a lot of guides, game servers and collections of tips. Only one problem has bothered players for a long time – character customization.

Everyone wanted to be individual, and it's interesting to customize block Steve is quite difficult. For this purpose, special programs have been created, one of which is Skins for Minecraft PE. An easy and intuitive menu, friendly interface and remarkable functionality make it very popular.


The program contains a lot of skins that anyone can use. Shells of a wide variety of types, from animals and athletes to movie and anime characters. I was very pleased that, unlike many similar assemblies, all shells have their own personality and are unlike each other. Yes, their number is somewhat less than in other programs, but the user will choose from high-quality costumes, and not leaf through hundreds of identical shells.


All content is conveniently sorted by category, so it's incredibly easy to find the right one. After selecting a character, you can look at it in a special 3D mode, where any angle is selected and the user can observe the appearance in action – jumping, walking, and so on.


Despite its name, the application can also be used with the PC version of the game. There is no difference, everything works exactly the same.



  • Really high-quality and original shells;
  • Nice interface;
  • Practical content sorting;
  • Ease of use;
  • Working with the PC version;
  • Preview;
  • Elementary installation.


If you play inMinecraft on Android, then be sure to download this application and "fix" your character. If not, download the game and immediately start playing with an unusual appearance of the character. Stand out! The latest version of the game Skins for Minecraft Pocket Ed. download for android.

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