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Traffic Rush 3D Racing 1.0.1

Traffic Rush 3D Racing is a high–speed highway emulator for Android devices. The program is quite simple, but attractive. The graphics are not very high-quality, they do not amaze the imagination, but they are quite acceptable and pleasant. The soundtrack is normal.

The player has a car and some money. He started a trip around the world, his goal is to get as far as possible. The events take place on the highway, where every "neighbor in the lane" tries to push the player into the ditch. It's even easier to find control - it's not an easy task, but for beginners it's more like a plus, we control the turns of the car by tilting the device, there are translucent "gas" and "brake" keys on the screen. Nothing superfluous.

Despite many disadvantages, the game is very addictive. It is perfect for our gamers, especially motorists, as it perfectly simulates dangerous situations on the road. The developers did not ignore the idea of an upgrade. For every mile traveled, a bonus "drips" into the player's piggy bank. This money can be spent on a variety of improvements to your transport. You can also buy a new car.


  • Easy and non-stressful graphics;
  • Good physics;
  • The original plot;
  • Possibility of improvement;
  • Convenient management;
  • Elementary installation.


Traffic Rush 3D Racing will perfectly entertain any owner of a portable Android gadget. The game is convenient and interesting, it will perfectly occupy your free time. I sincerely advise you, download! The latest version of the racing game Traffic Rush 3D Racing download for android.

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