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Wifi Hacker Prank 4.0

Wifi Hacker Prank is a fun program for drawing friends. Only for Android devices. This is a great app with a fun "hacker" interface. The graphics on the screen are trying with all their might to make the user believe that he is really breaking the network.

The main task of the program is to make fun of friends or colleagues. It is enough to turn on the search for wireless networks, select any network there and "do hacking". The program will write about the hacking and will pick up passwords. After a while, the password will be found and access will be obtained. In fact, the puzzle will be generated randomly. The whole purpose of the software is to make fun of others, and nothing more. It must be admitted that a prank using a Wi-Fi Hacker Prank turns out to be very good.


  • Good quality of execution;
  • Cool idea;
  • Complex puzzles;
  • Easy to install and configure.


If you are a cheerful person and like to make fun of others – download without thinking! A great mood and a lot of positivity is guaranteed! The latest version of the game Wifi Hacker Prank download for android.

Features: Cool

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