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Skin Creator for Minecraft

Skin Creator for Minecraft is a universal customizer for mining. Available for Android system. The program has a pleasant and not overloaded interface. Large icons, a clear menu and a lot of drawing options are its main advantages.

The main purpose of the program is to draw "from scratch" and edit skins for Minecraft. At the same time, tools are available that are designed to help make a normal shell even for a person who is completely unable to draw. In the editing part, you can change and correct already created skins. This does not require any special knowledge or skills – just a fantasy.

In the "creation" section, shells are created in stages. First the leather, and then the clothes and accessories. Naturally, the face is created separately. Built–in multitools allow you not to "draw out" shades and transitions - they perfectly cope with the creation of Voxel texture of leather and some other materials. It's easy to draw your character in 10 minutes, and immediately transfer it to the game.


Both the Minecraft PE and the desktop version are supported. The transfer is elementary, even a child can handle it: a couple of buttons, account entry and that's it. The program is constantly being upgraded, which explains the almost complete absence of bugs and support for the latest version of the game.


  • Fast work;
  • Ample opportunities for creativity;
  • Basic menu orientation and drawing;
  • A simple "bay" of characters;
  • Helper Tools;
  • Easy and fast installation.


The application has nothing to do with Minecraft developers and was created by enthusiasts. If you love the "mining business", playing classic Steve is not comme il faut, and ready-made skins are already tired, then it's time to turn on your imagination and download the Cryator Skin for Minecraft to your Android gadget. The latest version of the game Skin Creator for Minecraft download for android.

Download Skin Creator for Minecraft on android

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