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Crossy Heroes 1.22.2

Crossy Heroes is a reinterpretation of classic arcade games like “cross the road”. Only for Android. The game has a classic "voxel" style. Both the characters, locations and even transport are designed in the same spirit, which makes the game whole and pleasing to the eye.

As in most projects of this type, the player will have to complete all levels, receiving prizes and points along the way. But this game is qualitatively different from the others, because a lot of new "buns" have been added here. The characters are as diverse as possible. All of them are made in the images of heroes from popular comics and movies. While there are not all modern characters here, but constantly released updates are gradually filling the charlist with new names.

In addition to the classic "cross the road", the heroes will also have to defeat insidious villains. Everyone has weapons and unique abilities for this (like characters from comics), so from time to time the arcade may seem like an action game. There are a lot of levels and opponents, there are bosses. Plus, every Persian requires his own tactics and sometimes you need to think carefully to win. The levels are periodically changed in random order, which suggests that the game can never be repeated. This simple move greatly increases the playability of the project.

It's easy to share your successes with friends online and even send them screenshots of your achievements. Of course, online leaderboards are also present.



  • High-quality and original gameplay;
  • Many characters;
  • Random locations;
  • A lot of enemies;
  • Persians have special abilities;
  • Social integration;
  • Simple installation and management.


Crossy Hirose is a great toy that will make it pleasant and exciting to pass more than one evening. Every user can find something of his own in it, because it is surprisingly multifaceted. Be sure to download and try it! The latest version of the arcade Crossy Heroes download for android.

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