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Block Ops FREE 1.01

Block Ops FREE is an exciting and original shooter for a mobile device on Android. The program is quite pleasant to look at. Voxel graphics are made qualitatively and clearly, elements of the landscape and buildings look just fine. The soundtrack is also on the level.

Playing Minecraft, CS and COD at the same time is what this game looks like. The voxel world, which has already become a classic, opens up from a completely different side. Now you can shoot here, free hostages and hunt terrorists. The user has access to many different locations, from the desert to the tundra. Each one forces you to use different tactics of the game and increases the playability very qualitatively.

In addition to the usual “wall to wall” and “survival" modes, there is the possibility of Crafting. It's quite strange, but in a military FPS game you can build a defensive shelter or even a whole castle. In the game, you will have to complete missions, for which you need to apply logic and ingenuity, so just pressing the “fire" and passing level by level will not work.


  • High-quality block graphics;
  • Originality, which is so lacking in such projects;
  • Good sound;
  • Excellent work speed and optimization;
  • The possibility of crafting;
  • Standard installation.


BlokUps Fries turned out to be a very interesting and high-quality product. You can play it for hours, completing missions and ridding the world of enemies. Excellent playability and good performance make this game an excellent candidate for downloading by almost any user. Try it! The latest version of the shooting game Block Ops FREE download for android.

Features: 3D Online Multiplayer

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  • Game version: 1.01
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  • Game version: 1.01
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