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Clash of Dragons 1.24

Clash of Dragons is another real–time strategy game for the Android platform. The game is well designed. The visual effects are on top, the graphics are excellent, in a cute cartoon style. The sound is good, but the voice acting, unfortunately, is incomplete. As in the classic Battle of Clans, this game offers to equip your small town. The buildings are spectacular and bright, sometimes they even make your eyes blink.

The basic physics of base crafting is identical to other games of this type – get resources, build defenses, upgrade buildings. The main theme of the project is fantasy and dragons. Most of the characters and units, and even buildings, fit perfectly into such a world. The player can create armies of all kinds of fantastic creatures and go camping on neighbors and gamers around the world,

The towns are located on islands and it turns out that every gamer has one island. The essence of all Dragon Battle gaming is to become the most powerful ruler and suppress your competitors with your might. It's not easy to do this, but with a competent defense and attack, everything is possible. There is a donation, but it cannot be called vital. It basically speeds up some of the processes of the game, and allows you to swing faster, but it does not give any unique boosts or opportunities.

The control is convenient and intuitive. If you do not delve into tactics, strategy and economics, then the game is quite simple and will be understandable even to children, but with the growth of the level you will have to "turn on the brains".



  • High-quality graphics;
  • Interesting heroes, warriors and themes;
  • Thoughtful physics and economics;
  • Russification;
  • The secondary nature of the plot;
  • Convenient management;
  • Easy installation.


The game turned out to be quite exciting and playable, with the right balance of all components. Even the secondary nature and copying of other popular projects spoil it a little. Do you want to have a high-quality game and not leave any chance for free time? Download it! The latest version of the strategy Clash of Dragons download for android.

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