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Zombie Harvest 1.1.10

Zombie Harvest – trash about zombies for Android gadget users. Mobile games have never seen this before! There are a great many zombie games. These are strategies, action games, shooters and even puzzles. This game is a completely unique project, as it combines a lot of advantages of projects of this genre and practically has no disadvantages.

The interface design is fun and slightly trashy, it's hard to call it optimistic. The animations are great, funny and colorful: even if the user plays for hours, he will hardly get tired of it. The sound is also on the level. The basic idea is a bit like Plants vs Zombies, but only in the board of actors. The living dead are really opposed by vegetables, but this is where the similarity with the sensational franchise ends.

They are trying to steal seeds from Vegetables, without which they cannot survive. Zombies are attacking on all fronts, trying to get to the loot and the player's task is to give a good fight back. To do this, you can use anything: shoot at them, throw stones or burn them. There are many options.


The game has a good store with a variety of "buns" and a system of achievements. It is noticeable that the developers really tried to make gaming interesting for the general public. As a result, they succeeded, despite the trash on the screen, it's interesting to gamble and gaming is addictive.



  • Unusual visual style and graphics;
  • High-quality elaborated animations;
  • Excellent playability;
  • Fascinating gameplay;
  • The store of "buns" and achievements;
  • Lots of humor;
  • Easy installation.


If you've been looking for something to dilute your gray days for a long time, then Zombie Harvest is it! Excellent gameplay and a lot of humor is the cocktail that will not let you get bored under any circumstances. The latest version of the arcade Zombie Harvest download for android.

Features: HD Zombie Donat

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