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DEER HUNTER RELOADED is a new version of the well–known Android game. The hunter simulator returns to the screens of mobile devices. Now even more excitement, animals and trophies. The game has a 3D design and a good graphic component. Sounds and images perfectly match each other, which is why it is very easy to play “in one breath”. The program leaves a great impression about itself.

As before, the player is invited to go to the forests of North America and hunt a little wild fauna. There is everything you need for this: ammunition, weapons and excitement. The user can easily customize his character. Clothes, shoes, glasses and much more can be replaced to your liking. The same applies to weapons – they can be easily replaced with a more suitable one in a given situation.

Several tracking modes allow you to find animals even in the impassable thicket and turn them into trophies with accurate shots. I was especially pleased with the X–ray mode - for accurate shooting, or well-aimed hits in certain internal organs.


In the prog there are achievements that are very pleasant to earn. Naturally, for this you need to shoot animals, or kill them with more sophisticated methods. For greater convenience, the game has special "points" from which it is most convenient to fire.



  • Good 3D graphics;
  • There are many variants of animals;
  • Ammunition and weapons;
  • Convenient controls and interesting gameplay;
  • Achievements and trophies;
  • Easy installation;
  • More humane than going on a real hunt.


Deer Hunter Reloaded is really able to transfer the user to a real hunt. High playability allows the application to be quite popular and in demand among both avid hunters and those who have never participated in such an event. The latest version of the game DEER HUNTER RELOADED download for android.

Features: 3D Online HD Donat

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