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Filwords: Topics 3.1.7

Filwords Themes is a new game in the genre of filword. It is designed for mobile Android devices and will allow you to spend your free time in an interesting and, most importantly, usefully. Filvordy Temy is undemanding to the resources of a smartphone or tablet computer, more colorfully designed than similar gaming applications.


For all its simplicity, the game will attract the user's attention for a long time. In front of the player there is a square field on which letters are placed. Your task is to highlight the letters, find all the words hidden in the field and fill it completely. In a difficult situation, funny monsters painted in all kinds of colors and shades will help the gamer.



  • Addictive gameplay
  • Several hundred game levels
  • Easy to manage and configure


The gameplay includes hundreds of levels divided into a number of topics. Sports, Cities, Countries, Animals, and this is not the whole list of topics. The toy is beautifully and colorfully decorated, which gives it an additional appeal without a doubt.


The simple management interface makes it much easier to work with the program and makes it accessible even for a small child. The software is completely Russified. The application is installed automatically and will not cause difficulties for the owner of a tablet computer or smartphone running on Android.


The program will undoubtedly appeal to fans of crosswords, users who want not only to have fun, but also to develop their memory and attention. Is it possible to transfer saves to another device? - It is possible, for this it is necessary to have Root rights. The saved game progress is stored in the data/data/com.merigotech folder.fillwords. Rate the presented application. If you are a fan of crosswords and word games, then this is just what you need! The latest version of the logic game Filwords: Topics download for android.

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